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Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Luxury Hotels UK, your definitive guide to the finest hotels across the United Kingdom. We handpick the UK's most illustrious luxury hotels, providing discerning travellers with a curated selection of the very best. Discover elegance, indulge in decadence, and create unforgettable memories.

Luxury Hotels by UK Destination

From the charming corners of Cornwall to the majestic Scottish Highlands, discover a wealth of luxury accommodations in stunning locations across the UK. Our geographic guide makes it easy for you to find an exceptional stay in your preferred destination.

Luxury Romantic Hotels

Indulge in Passionate Escapes: Discover our handpicked collection of opulent romantic luxury hotels. Unveil intimate hideaways, impeccable service, and enchanting settings for an unforgettable amorous getaway.

Small/Boutique Hotels

Intimate, unique, and brimming with character, our chosen small and boutique luxury hotels offer a distinctive, personal touch. These properties provide an intimate atmosphere without compromising on style, service, or amenities.

Coastal Luxury Hotels

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled serenity and captivating views offered by our coastal luxury hotels. Indulge in the blend of sophisticated accommodation, stunning sea views, and fresh coastal cuisine for a truly nautical luxury experience.

Country/Rural Hotels

Escape to the peaceful landscapes of the UK's countryside with our selection of rural luxury hotels. Nestled within picturesque settings, these hotels provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst nature's beauty.

The Most Famous Hotels

Stay in some of the world’s most celebrated and historic hotels. Our selection of the most famous luxury hotels in the UK offers you a chance to indulge in their legendary service, timeless elegance, and rich heritage.

What defines luxury for us?

Luxury can be quite subjective and varies greatly depending on personal preferences. For us, these are some of the hallmarks of luxury:

Quality of Service: This is perhaps the most important aspect. Luxury hotels often offer personalised, 24-hour service. They go above and beyond to meet guest needs, from a concierge who can arrange anything from dinner reservations to private tours, to room service that is available around the clock.

Location: Luxury hotels are often located in prime or unique locations, with convenient access to major attractions or in a scenic or historic area. Some might be located in a city centre, while others could be in a picturesque countryside, seaside, or mountain location.

Accommodations: Luxury hotels usually offer spacious, well-appointed rooms and suites. High-quality materials and furnishings, fine linens, and comfortable, plush beds are standard. Many luxury hotels also feature rooms with unique views or characteristics, such as ocean views, historic features, or private pools.

Amenities: This includes high-end toiletries, robes, slippers, and other amenities. There should also be fast, reliable Wi-Fi, and entertainment systems. Many luxury hotels offer in-room espresso machines, mini-bars, and room service with gourmet dining options.

Facilities: A luxury hotel should have high-quality facilities such as gourmet restaurants, bars, and lounges. Health and wellness facilities such as a spa, gym, as well as indoor and outdoor swimming pools are also common. Some may have unique features like rooftop terraces, private beaches, golf courses, or vineyards.

Dining: Luxury hotels typically have one or more high-quality dining options, often with renowned chefs. They might also offer unique dining experiences, such as private dining, in-room chef service, or specialty dining venues like rooftop restaurants, grand dining rooms or garden cafes.

Attention to Detail: It's often the little things that set a luxury hotel apart. This could be a personalised welcome note, a turn-down service with a small gift, fresh flowers in the room, or personalised recommendations for activities in the area.

Privacy and Exclusivity: Many luxury travellers appreciate a sense of privacy and exclusivity. This can be achieved by offering private entrances, private lounges, or exclusive access to certain facilities.

Unique Experiences: A luxury hotel will often go beyond the basic hotel experience by offering unique activities and experiences. This could range from cooking classes with a professional chef, to private tours, yacht rentals, or bespoke cultural experiences.

Design and Aesthetics: From architecture to interior design, luxury hotels often feature striking, beautiful, or unique design elements. Whether it's a historic castle, a sleek modern design, or a beautifully landscaped garden, the visual appeal is an important aspect of the luxury experience.